Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on May 27, 2015

mrrobotMr. Robot is the terrible title of USA’s upcoming original series, the pilot to which they have put on their website. It stars the bug eyed guy from The Pacific as an information security guy by day/super hacker by night, who starts taking on evil 1% types in his spare time. Christian Slater is the head of an Anonymous-type hacktivist group, who meets face-to-face with our hacker protagonist guy because it would make for boring TV if he more sensibly never showed his face to anyone. They have a bullshit explanation for this that doesn’t make actual sense, but we just go with it because why not.

There’s a lot of technical jargon, a lot of which is clunky but not totally inaccurate. Unfortunately, they have to do the expositional stuff in the usual question and answer format, which often has information security professionals sounding like morons. “What’s a rootkit?” asks his supervisor, who after that question I can only assume was hired for her looks (it would have made a lot more sense to have the higher up manager guy who was present ask that question, because it’s quite common for those higher up types to not know the technical stuff).

The soundtrack is weird. Mostly the kind of electronic music that you’d expect to find, but at the big decision point for the protagonist, we get a montage set to a melodramatic Neil Diamond song. It’s confusing.

It’s… ok? It continues USA’s trend of abandoning lighter fare for really dark and moody stuff. The main character is a depressed social anxiety guy. Both of the women with notable plots in the pilot are dating terrible guys. Rich people are horrible. Nothing fun happens the whole time. Which is fairly off-putting. The pilot does end on a note that does make me curious to see episode 2, but if that doesn’t go somewhere really interesting, I’ll be out quick.


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