Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on April 26, 2015

exmachinaEx Machina is a science fiction movie, unrelated to the comic of the same name. All I really knew about it going in was that it had robots. And indeed it did. Also for some reason I thought the robot girl was Emilia Clarke. I think with just the face part of the face and no rest-of-the-head, all hot girls sorta look alike.

The guy from that time travel romantic comedy plays some coder at BlueBook, a Google-type company, who wins a lottery to get to visit with the company’s enigmatic founder at his remote home. There, he discovers that his weird boss has invented a hot girl robot, and wants him to participate in a Turing test to determine if she is a true AI.

It was pretty interesting, but not great. In the end, it falls to one of my least favorite tropes of AI fiction, but there was enough to like up to that point that I think it was a couple hours well spent.


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