Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on April 23, 2015

messengersThe Messengers is a new CW series that I thought was a sci-fi-ish/Heroes-ish sorta thing, but it’s more religious-ish. Some sort of space event happens and a bunch of random people get super powers, and when they see their reflections they have angel wings.

It stars literally no one I recognize, which is weird for someone who watches as much TV as I do. Fake-name-sounding Shantel VanSanten, and also fake-name-sounding Sofia Black-D’Elia, and… well those are the main attractive actresses, which for a CW show ought to be top-notch, but they’re a bit underwhelming here. They do cast a lot of handsome dudes who are devoid of charisma, so maybe they’re aiming to appear more to the ladies.

I started to lose interest pretty early, and I think I missed some stuff, because they had these totally separate storylines and they didn’t connect any of them at all until pretty late. There’s the undercover Fed whose partners/handlers turn on him when he has the evidence to put the bad guy away. The scientist who saw the space event and sees some sort of cover-up. The televangelist son of another televangelist. A single mom trying to keep her kid away from her abusive ex. A bullied high school kid. And some weird guy who might have ridden in on the meteor or whatever it was, and he might be Satan? They all end up heading to Houston. Because… God, apparently.


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