Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on April 14, 2015

batman-vs-robinBatman vs. Robin is the latest DC direct-to-video movie. This one combines an adaptation of The Court of Owls with one of the early New52 Batman and Robin arcs, in actually a fairly clever way. Except the end result is that neither the story of the Court of Owls nor the story of Damian’s temptation to kill bad guys gets the attention it needs. So the only people this could appeal to are people who read the comics and just want to see it in cartoon form, or people who didn’t read the comics but want to know what happens but don’t want to just read a wiki?

Jason O’Mara voices Batman again, he’s ok. Simon Tam is Nightwing again, meh. Jeremy Sisto voices the main Talon and is pretty good. They get Kevin Conroy to play Thomas Wayne in a flashback, which is kinda cool. And Weird Al to be the Dollmaker for some reason. The animation is on the same level as all of these since they started doing New 52 stuff, which is to say kinda unimpressive.


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