Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on April 3, 2015

olympusOlympus is a new Syfy series which I think I only added to my list of shows to check out because I looked it up and wikipedia said it was “science fiction,” but it appears to be not that at all. I mean, obviously the title implies mythology stuff, but without watching a trailer or anything, the use of the term science fiction made me think it was going to have time travel or aliens or something. But no, it’s just mythology stuff.

Some guy is supposed to fetch an Oracle and bring her back to some priest guy, but it turns out to be difficult because of a Cyclops and stuff. Meanwhile, there’s a queen trying to help her husband in a war by getting psychic visions from like torturing a kid or something.

A syfy original series doesn’t really have the budget for this sort of thing. Lots of ancient buildings and statues and things that they can’t afford to actually build, so there are a lot of shots of actors green screened onto matte paintings that look super fake. Between that and the lack of sciencey fiction, I considered bailing pretty quickly, but it has not one but two hot brunettes with british accents, so that was enough to get me to stick it out for the whole hour. Matt Frewer is apparently in this at some point, but he either wasn’t in the pilot, or he showed up when I had really lost interest and wasn’t paying very close attention.

Anyway, Syfy continues to make a lot of stuff I don’t want to watch, despite in theory being exactly their target demographic. They’ve launched a ton of new stuff in the past couple years, and 12 Monkeys, which I’m pretty lukewarm on, is the only one I’ve liked enough to keep up with. Bad times.


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