Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on March 19, 2015

brothers-solomonThe Brothers Solomon is written by and starring Will Forte, co-starring Will Arnett, as naive brothers who want to have a baby to give their terminally ill father reason to live. Kristen Wiig, Chi McBride, Lee Majors, Malin Akerman, Jenna Fischer, and Bob Odenkirk (who also directs) also appear.

It’s… pretty terrible. I kept watching, because bad comedy movies often have those one or two jokes that are especially funny. The most amusing thing for most it is that the theme from St. Elmo’s Fire is for some reason used repeatedly on the soundtrack. But there is one joke that killed me about 80 minutes in (to a 90 minute movie), so totally worth it. But this is not at all recommended.


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