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Posted in tv by Bill on March 17, 2015

izombieiZombie is the new CW series based on the comic I tried out and didn’t like, but the pilot is written by some Veronca Mars people, and the girl in it is pretty cute despite the super pale thing (she looked kinda familiar, and she’s been in a bunch of stuff, but it turns out I know her as “Skank with Atitude” from Play it Again, Dick).

It’s kinda like the zombie version of Dead Like Me, but as a murder-solving procedural. The girl becomes a zombie, gets a gig at the morgue so she can ethically snack on brains, but she gets psychic impressions from the brains she eats.

The pilot has a lot of the same feel as Veronica Mars: similar narration, a mostly snarky tone with occasional moments of heavy drama, the same deal where in the time of the pilot, she’s got an awkward situation ex who she broke up with after a traumatic thing (though in this case, it was zombiism and not a rape/friend’s murder/he might be her brother thing). And he’s probably not a regular but it even has Cliff McCormak, the deep-voiced lawyer. I’m basically on board.


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  1. Geebs said, on March 18, 2015 at 7:25 pm

    CW shows starting cute English/Aussie chyx but not having them use their cute accents. cliffv(‘What’s up with that!’)

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