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Posted in movies by Bill on March 16, 2015

robocopRoboCop is the 2014 remake of the ultra-violent ’87 movie that made me uncomfortable as a kid, because I had a very strong “I should not be watching this” reaction. Yet the remake is PG-13, so they obviously wanted to piss off fans of the original.

It deviates from the original roughly 95%, other than the robot cop from Detroit, there’s not a lot that’s familiar. PG-13 instead of R means that there’s a lot more robot-on-robot fighting, because they can have all the explosions they want and only so much blood.

It’s fairly bad.


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  1. Dan O. said, on March 17, 2015 at 11:39 am

    To me, I didn’t hate it. Unnecessary? Definitely. Nice review.

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