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Posted in tv by Bill on March 13, 2015

powersPowers is the TV series based on the comic that was supposed to star Jason Patric and Lucy Punch on FX, but instead stars Sharlto Copley and Susan Heyward on the Playstation. The pilot is free on the playstation site here, but best watched on youtube here, because the embedded player on the playstation site is total shit (you can’t fullscreen it, adjust volume, or skip forward or back, so if you accidentally close it like I did, you start over from the beginning with no way to skip ahead).

After the pilot, for now you have to have a Playstation Plus membership. I assume the show will appear on itunes or amazon eventually? Or obviously on all the piracy places too. The first three episodes were put up on Tuesday the 10th, and subsequent episodes will come out every Tuesday for a while. Just like Community will be, so I guess Tuesday is the official “shows appearing on weird platforms” night. We are in serious need of a portal through which you can access stuff from your various subscriptions, but I don’t think the players would ever cooperate on that.

It’s ok. It’s hard to say if I have a better opinion of it as a fan of the comic, or a worse one. Because in some respects, it’s cool to see familiar characters and plots on screen, but at the same time I have some idea what’s going on so there’s not much in terms of surprises. The production values aren’t great. I assume for Playstation that the budget is lower than your standard cable scripted series, and it’s a concept that calls for some special effects. The effects aren’t terrible, but I think the money they spend there is money that could have gone to making the rest of the show look and sound better. But it doesn’t look like shit or anything, just not very good.

Sharlto Copley’s American accent is iffy at best, but he otherwise makes a decent Christian Walker. Susan Heyward is actually pretty perfect as Deena Pilgrim. She doesn’t entirely look the part, obviously, but she’s appropriately short and has that kind of fiery attitude that’s exactly right. Most of the other casting is pretty ok.

The pilot combines a few familiar stories from the comics into one: Deena joining the force, a power dying during sex, and Walker meeting Calista (who was much younger in the comic, but since she aged 10+ years in the comic, it makes more sense to cast a teenager here).

Possible spoilers for the TV show, and actual spoilers for the comic if you ever intend to read it: There are quite a few differences though. Walker’s past as a former power isn’t a secret, he has no history with Zora, and (at least as of the pilot) Retro Girl is still alive.


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