Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on March 6, 2015

digDig is USA’s new series that seemed to promise a hot girl with bright red hair, but actually she’s not that hot. What a ripoff. C’mon, look at that poster! That’s clearly false advertising. She’s not entirely un-cute, but I feel like I was promised much hotter. So basically I was predisposed to disliking this for dumb, entirely superficial reasons.

Jason Isaacs plays some sort of cop-ish guy attached to an American diplomat in Jerusalem. Anne Heche is is boss who he is sleeping with. Then there’s some stuff about biblical end times prophecies. And Lauren Ambrose is dealing with a sad kid, who’s being held by Kristen Schaal’s husband from FotC/the evil ex-boss from Suits who is some kinda cult leader, I think. Red-haired girl is an archaeologist trying to dig up the holy grail. Jason Isaacs almost bangs her, creepily because I think she reminds him of his daughter? Who might be dead?

I didn’t pay super close attention towards the end so I might have missed some stuff. Going to pass on this one.


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