Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on March 2, 2015

lastmanonearthThe Last Man on Earth is Fox’s new comedy that from the commercials appears to have a completely unsustainable premise. But from the two-part premiere, it seems completely doable. It’s just that the source of story and conflict is a thing that’s not revealed until 30 minutes in, so, in a rare instance of marketing people actually considering this sort of thing, they did not include that in the ads.

It’s not the greatest show ever, but it has a few big laughs here and there. There might be more for someone who drinks, since he consumes a whole lot of booze. Filling a kiddie pool with the ingredients to a margarita and then pouring salt all over the rim of the pool was kinda clever, but I assume it’d be more funny if you actually might enjoy such a drink. But whatever, there were enough laughs to keep watching.


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