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Posted in movies by Bill on February 26, 2015

coherenceCoherence is a weird scifi/suspense movie that I think kinda wanted to be like a less heady version of Primer but with quantum physics instead of time travel. Tiny budget ($50k, apparently), and it’s 99% people at a dinner party sitting around and talking, but a lot of weird stuff happens. When you start to figure out what’s going on, the payoff isn’t nearly as good as Primer, but it’s still vaguely interesting. Also the first thing I’ve seen Xander from Buffy in it in a long time. Not bad.


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  1. Dan O. said, on February 27, 2015 at 2:49 am

    Yeah, it’s weird. But it’s also interesting because of its small budget and how it all came together pretty well, without seeming to cheesy or contrived. Good review.

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