Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on February 20, 2015

bh6Big Hero 6 is the CG-animated Disney movie based on the Marvel comic I’ve never read. It’s apparently changed a lot from the comic, which was set in Japan and features Japanese characters, while in this the main character is half Japanese and lives in half-Japan (the city is called San Fransokoyo and is obviously a hybrid between the two cities, it mostly seems like San Fran but with Japanese architectural accent on most of the buildings, like the tower-y parts of the Golden Gate Bridge have pagoda style tops), and the rest of the team is a rainbow of diversity.

It’s really good. Solid story, action, characters, animation. The only real flaw is that there’s a masked villain whose identity is a mystery, and there are too few possible suspects. Being kid-friendly, I guess I couldn’t expect a complex whodunit, but that part was kind of annoying. Otherwise, a very well made and entertaining movie.


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