Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on February 19, 2015

oddcoupleThe Odd Couple is CBS’s new remake of the sitcom that was the adaptation of the movie that was the adaptation of the play, which was also remade as a sitcom in the 80s and remade again gender-swapped also in the 80s. So, you know, totally fresh material.

Matthew Perry is the slovenly Oscar (instead of a sportswriter, he hosts a sports talk radio show), while Thomas Lennon is the uptight Felix. Yvette Nicole Brown is Oscar’s assistant, Leslie Bibb is his potential love interest, Wendell (Bunk) Pierce is his agent, Dave Foley is his friend and looks about 100 years old, and Lindsay Sloane is Felix’s maybe love interest.

For some reason, Matthew Perry’s approach to the character is to talk really loud. It’s quite annoying. I basically only gave the show a shot because I’ve found him to be a capable actor, but since he’s irritating in an otherwise generic sitcom, I’m definitely not watching this.


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