Pointless Nonsense

Posted in video games by Bill on February 13, 2015

empire-at-warStar Wars: Empire at War is another game from that Star Wars bundle. This one, a real-time strategy game, is nice looking, but kind of dull. You pick either the Empire or Rebellion, and work on building your space fleet and ground forces by acquiring planets, and the resources that come with them. I didn’t get too far into the Empire campaign before finding it pretty boring.

It sounds kind of nice in theory. There’s a big map of planets, you build forces and send them places. To take control of a planet, you first send your ships into orbit and an RTS space battle spawns. Then once you control space, you send in ground forces and an RTS ground battle spawns. You get star destroyers and the like, and walkers and stormtroopers, and special “hero” characters like Vader and Boba Fett, which is all nifty. But the act of taking a planet is quite boring. The building buildings and timing attacks parts of all the real-time strategy games I’ve played is the part I like. But in taking a planet, you just want to control “reinforcement points,” which allow you to land more of the forces you’ve dedicated to this assault. And then you just kinda run around the map killing whatever you come across.

I think they realize how boring this can get, because as you get going, you start to get the option to auto-resolve a lot of the combats. But then you’re skipping like half the game, it’s weird. So yeah I doubt I’ll be coming back to this game at all.


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