Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on February 7, 2015

jupiter-ascendingJupiter Ascending is the Wachowski’s SciFi movie with Mila Kunis and C-Tates. Really though, despite the scifi veneer, it’s 100% fairy tale. Mila Kunis has an unhappy life cleaning toilets, when she suddenly finds out she’s a space princess and is rescued by her new werewolf boyfriend. She has evil space prince brothers, but ends up beating them. And I guess she and the werewolf boyfriend live happily ever after.

Once it was apparent that it was a fairy tale, I was hoping they might stray away from traditional gender roles, because it’s 2015, and one of the writer/producer/directors is transgender, so you’d think she’d have unique insight into gender roles. But it really didn’t. Mila Kunis’ character is almost killed, rescued by a dude. Almost killed, rescued by a dude again. Almost duped into making a terrible decision, rescued by a dude. Almost duped into making another terrible decision, then correctly decides not to do it, but then her life is in danger, but fortunately there’s a dude to rescue her again. The story is from the damsel point of view, but she still spends most of the movie in distress.

Some of the action sequences are solid, but the fairy tale story didn’t do a thing for me. Mila Kunis is lovely, but she’s looked better. Not a bad movie, but unexceptional.


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