Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on February 7, 2015

johnwickJohn Wick seems an odd choice for me to watch, since I have a lifelong dislike for Keanu Reeves[0], but I kept hearing good things about it, that it was a sort of old school action movie, so what the hell?

And I basically heard right. Quality movie. They spend about 15 minutes setting up why he’s both really dangerous and really pissed off, and then he just becomes human murder factory for the rest of the movie. There’s not a whole lot to it beyond he wants to kill some people, so he goes and kills some people. And I can dig that.

It’s basically a revenge story, though there’s some interesting background stuff about an open structure of organized crime, not unlike the syndicates in the Parker books and movies.

Turns out the lovely and talented and used to babysit me Bridget Moynahan is in it, so that’s a bonus. Then Greyjoy is also in it. He sill has a totally punchable face, which is appropriate for his role here. That one dude from The Newsroom whose character banged Olivia Munn is in it for about 10 seconds, but is great in it. John Leguizamo, Willem Dafoe, Dean Winters, Lance Reddick, Adrienne Palicki (with black hair, which is hot), Ian McShane, Clarke Peters, and Bridget Regan (with one arm covered in tattoos, which is weird) are also around.

The movie opens with him deeply saddened at the death of his wife. Like totally miserable, from what they’d have us believe. But I found it hard to believe because his house is spotless, and from my experience, people who are truly miserable lack the energy to clean up after themselves.

0. Except when he’s playing the idiot surfer/bro/dude type he did so well in Bill and Ted and Parenthood.


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