Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on January 24, 2015

backstromBackstrom is the terrible title of Fox’s new procedural with Rainn Wilson as a brilliant detective who is also an asshole. His boss is Dennis Haysbert, his partner is that cute intern girl from last season of House of Lies, there’s some blonde girl, and U-Turn from Weeds is a cop.

About a billion other shows have the asshole/genius lead. The only hook here is that the asshole genius “puts himself into the mind of criminals.” By which they mean he just sees like a crime scene and starts sentences with “I am” from the perspective of a criminal. It’s actually quite annoying. But they had an ok twist in the first case of the week, and I like Rainn Wilson and his cute partner, so I’ll give if another episode or two. Not too excited about it though.


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