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Posted in tv by Bill on January 22, 2015

12monkeys12 Monkeys is the new Syfy series based on the movie. The basic premise is the same: in the future, a plague has devastated the world, so they send someone back in time to stop it. They use a different time travel mechanic though (somewhat necessary given that it’s a TV series so they’ll need things to change over time).

Pyro from the X-Men movies stars in the Bruce Willis role, the blonde lawyer from Suits who’s latched onto Litt is the Madeline Stowe part, and I think some slightly familiar looking actress is going to be the Brad Pitt? But that’s not totally clear yet. Zelko Ivanek, the dead fiancee from Damages, and that kinda Hispanic looking guy from Fringe and Band of Brothers are also in it.

I didn’t totally love the pilot, but at the same time I totally love time travel. So I’m pretty certain I’ll be watching at least through the first season.


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  1. Geebs said, on January 22, 2015 at 2:48 pm

    You know, I totally didn’t pick up on her being the Brad Pitt analog, but I don’t remember that much about the movie so I didn’t realize she and Zelko Ivanek’s characters had Pitt’s character’s last name. She’s kinda cute in crazy sort of way, She’s a Canadian actress, but I don’t recognize anything I would’ve seen her in in her credits.

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