Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on November 13, 2014

interstellarIntersterllar is exactly the kind of movie I want there to be more of. It’s not a sequel or a prequel or a reboot or a remake or an adaptation of a book or a TV show or a video game or a board game. It’s science fiction. Fairly hard science fiction. But not bogged down in technical stuff, there’s an actual story. With production values. And impressive special effects. And good acting. Which is why I’m pretty disappointed that I didn’t love it.

I liked it. But it never hooked me quite like most of Christopher Nolan’s movies. I’d probably put it ahead of Following and Insomnia and… that’s it. Comparing it to some of my favorite movies of the past 15 years is probably a little unfair, because it really is better than the vast majority of movies I see. Especially lately. It is a little too long, though.

Spoilers from here on out:

I guess one of the bigger reasons I didn’t get hooked is that the explanation for the “ghost” was obvious. Aliens wouldn’t use our GPS coordinates, or necessarily a system for writing them in binary that we’d understand. So it had to be people. And then who would write “stay” in morse code but him? Especially when they threw in the giveaway bits about parents being their children’s ghosts, and gravity being able to go backwards in time (which, I haven’t seen discussed in articles on the scientific accuracy of the movie, but that is totally made up right?). Really though, someone writing GPS coordinates in binary in someone’s bedroom using gravity, that should have caused a roomful of scientists to freak the fuck out. But them being so chill about it made it even more obvious what was going on.

Now, I’m guessing that this wasn’t really targeted at scifi fans. Because time dilation, wormholes, the bootstrap paradox that leads to time travel, they’re all ideas that are already familiar to me. Hopefully it wasn’t targeted at elderly couples either, because the one in the theater with me walked out shortly in to the tesseract sequence. But maybe aiming at the people on the Matthew McConaughey bandwagon who have taken a college physics class so they have a vague idea of relativity, those people might have just had their minds blown. I dunno.


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