Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on October 25, 2014

onlyconnectI saw a thing briefly about BBC game show Only Connect and saw it on youtube so I watched an episode. The concept is about groups of four things and identifying connections between them.

I thought it would be interesting, but it is brutally hard. Like holy shit. Admittedly, I’m at a disadvantage by not being British, so some of the local thing I don’t know. But I would have had a score of like 3 in this game (the teams ended up 24-14 or something?).

One game involved a grid of 16 words/terms, and having to pick out the four groups of four that went together. They immediately recognized sharks, as tiger, great white, nurse, and bull are four types of sharks. They also immediately recognized characters from To Kill a Mockingbird, as Atticus, Scout, Jem, and Boo are all characters from To Kill a Mockingbird. But one of the other groups was Golfers, so Tiger (Woods) and Boo (Weekley) were used in that one. And once they figured out the golfers, they got tripped up because then they thought Great White was referring to Greg Norman. That’s fucking evil game design, overlapping the groups like that. And they only had like 3 minutes.

Anyway, this is also far dryer than American game shows. The teams discuss their answers with each other in whispers, so there’s a lot of silence or near silence. When the host (David Mitchell’s wife and a poker pro, apparently) cracks an occasional joke, nobody laughs because there’s no audience. It’s weird.

Way, way too hard of a game for me to ever watch. Like at all.


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