Pointless Nonsense

Posted in browser game by Bill on October 23, 2014

cursorsCursors is a multiplayer flash game, where you try to navigate your mouse pointer (the one with the yellow circle around it, that took me a minute to find at first) through mazes, some of which require help from other players to complete. It’s an interesting idea, and pretty fun in parts.

I got stuck a few times and had to do something else for a while until some more players reached my level to help us through. Which is weird. And I eventually reached a point where I lacked the manual dexterity to complete a level, a long really narrow space that I tried about 15 times and hit an edge every time, sort of like the pictured level, but it had an even more narrow space (if the tip of your pointer touches the red areas, you go back to the start). Most levels aren’t like that, though, just moving through a maze or clicking different colored buttons to open barriers.


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