Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on October 20, 2014

dallasbuyersclubDallas Buyers Club stars what appears to be leather stretched over the skeleton of Matthew McConaughey as an AIDS patient who smuggles FDA unapproved drugs in from Mexico. It’s an interesting story, and apparently true. I was actually a little underwhelmed by McConaughey’s performance, though. He’s perfectly good, but he’s been much better in other roles. I feel like he won the Oscar largely for the physical transformation rather than for his actual acting.

Elsewhere, Jennifer Garner, Griffin Dunne, and a guy I remember from some Law & Orders (but apparently he’s in a lot of stuff I don’t watch) are his doctors. Herc from FNL and Steve Zahn play his friends. Jared Leto plays a transgender patient, and he looks like Katy Perry after the “tragic downfall” part of her Behind the Music episode that may exist in 30 years. He gives a very good performance, though. And weirdly, Adam Dunn is in it for a second. Apparently he helped finance the movie.


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