Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on October 18, 2014

rushI hopped on the HBO Go kinda intending to watch 12 Years as a Slave but saw Rush and… it’s hard to be in the mood to watch a make-you-feel-horrible movie when you could instead watch some movie that has Olivia Wilde and Natalie Dormer looking hot in it. Which is probably not the standard reason people watch this, but I don’t really give a shit about cars or racing. I probably would have preferred a biopic about the Canadian prog-rock trio, or a scathing criticism of the rotund conservative talk radio host.

It’s not bad, but unremarkable.

Sadly, Natalie Dormer is only in it briefly. But she is super-hot while she’s around. Olivia Wilde is a little disappointing. Blonde, and I don’t really like her British accent. She’s obviously still lovely, just not as I like her best (though dressed up in her Tron costume would probably be inappropriate for this movie, I’d still prefer it).

The one thing I expect from a Ron Howard movie is that it’s well-crafted and professional, but the racing scenes were pretty clunky. They use the pretty traditional device of having a TV or radio announcer play over the action, but it’s not done well at all. The way the audio is recorded, the announcer sounds like he’s in a 21st century recording booth, rather than in a 1970s broadcast booth at a race track. He also doesn’t narrate it in a way that feels like he’s broadcasting a race, he just sounds like he’s narrating the movie for us. It feels extra fake.

I didn’t know a thing about either driver going in, but the portrayals seemed overwhelmingly in favor of Hunt. Lauda is an asshole with daddy issues who drives for money because he has no other talents. Hunt is passionate about racing, and is lauded for his sexual prowess, devil-may-care attitude, and likability.

As with most of this things based on historical events that I know nothing about, one of the most entertaining parts is going back after to read up on what parts were made up for the movie. Apparently they got along just fine, and the personal rivalry was made up for the movie. The real Hunt apparently had drug and alcohol issues that are kind of glossed over by the movie.


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