Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on August 31, 2014

the-guildI had to stop watching The Guild after about 15 minutes because it was too uncomfortable. The premise, at least early on, is that Felicia Day is an MMORPG addict who’s practically a shut-in. One day, this dude from her guild just shows up on her doorstep. She had not flirted with him, told him her real name or where she lived, or anything, he just stalked the shit out of her to find out where she lives.

From the tone and everything else, they were trying to make me accept this as a wacky sitcom premise, but instead I was practically yelling at the screen for her to call the police or flee in terror or forcibly throw him out of her home. Like, that seems like a thing that probably happens in real life. And probably the best case scenario is that it ends with a restraining order.

The character of the dude who showed up needed to be established first, like we needed to see him as harmless and dumb. Again, given the tone, I assume that would happen eventually. But as it was, I was sure he would end up raping and/or murdering her, because he has like every trait of a socially maladjusted dude who would flip out when the woman he’s obsessing over rejects him, but she was like “oh dear, now this guy is sleeping on my couch, what a predicament!” Nobody else seems to think it’s a big deal either.


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