Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on August 28, 2014

foreverForever is ABC’s upcoming drama where Ioan Gruffudd (the first Reed Richards) is an immortal guy who becomes a New York Medical Examiner, in the bullshit hopes that in studying death he can learn why he doesn’t die. The pilot is on the Hulu Plus, which I don’t have, but I watched it anyway because I’m a terrible person (and I like to catch pilots early while there’s nothing on, rather than when these things actually start and there are 8 shows on every night).

It uses the really tired “not being able to die is a curse” cliche, and I get that there would be huge problems with it, but I wish these immortality things would more often look at the cool parts. Compound interest meaning you’re almost certainly fabulously wealthy, tons of experience with all sorts of stuff, crap like that. Or the practical problems, how do you get a birth certificate or whatever to work at the M.E.’s office? Did he go to college recently with his current identity, or did he fake that too?

His deal is that when he dies of something, he just magically reappears, naked, somewhere in water. Alana de la Garza (Rubirosa from L&O) is a cop who is investigating his most recent death, where a bunch of other people died. Judd Hirsch is his only friend, the one guy who knows he’s immortal. I think it’s supposed to be really sad because Hirsch is super old. His assistant at the ME’s office is that one really morbid squintern from Bones, who is going to get type cast as assistant-to-someone-who-examines-murder-victims.

He’s got Sherlock Holmes observational powers, because virtually all police procedurals has to have one of those people. And he’s kind of a dick about it, because virtually all network dramas have to have an asshole too. I’m wondering if they didn’t borrow a set from Castle, because they had one shot in de la Garza’s precinct, and it looked just like the precinct where Beckett works.

Anyway, it’s nothing special, but actually decent enough to watch. So unless I acquire a life sometime between now and September 22nd, I’ll probably be watching this.


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