Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on August 28, 2014

handofgodAmazon has a new bunch of pilots that I will probably forget about should they ever go to series (I think I watched some of that Garry Trudeau/John Goodman one about congressmen sharing a house?). Only two seemed reasonably interesting this time.

Really is written/directed/starring Jay Chandrasekhar from Broken Lizard as some guy married to Sarah Chalke with a couple of kids. And they have adult problems that I’m not really grown up enough to give a shit about.

Hand of God stars Ron Perlman’s a judge and Dana Delany’s his wife. Apparently their daughter in law Alona Tal was raped while their son was made to watch, and then the son tried to kill himself, but is now in a coma, possibly brain dead. I find it weird, because upon seeing them together, I thought Alona Tal should be playing Dana Delany’s daughter, because there is a resemblance there. But they’re not related, so maybe the son had some kind of Oedipal thing going on. Perlman’s character is losing his mind, hearing voices from his comatose son, hallucinating, and suddenly becoming super religious. Didn’t hold my interest long enough to even finish it.


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