Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on August 23, 2014

knickI had meant to check out The Knick, but apparently missed the premiere, since the third episode is about to air. But thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I watched the pilot.

It’s centered around the Knickerbocker hospital in 1900 New York. So, you know, lots of blood and primitive surgical methods and stuff. the main character is addicted to what I thought was opium, since he was spaced out in a room with an Asian woman, but apparently it’s cocaine? Also he is an asshole. Because I guess they wanted to make him a House-like as possible.

Clive Owen, who a few years back seemed ready to be this big movie star, is now playing the main guy on a Cinemax series. I realize doing a TV series is not what it used to be, but Cinemax doesn’t exactly have the cache of HBO, AMC, FX, Netflix, or even Showtime. Even if it is Steven Soderbergh. He’s about the only recognizable face in the show. The black guy from that show where Josh Gad was the President’s son is in this, and Matt Frewer has a small part.

I find it interesting that they use very modern music, kind of moody synth stuff that would be at home in the >Drive soundtrack.

Anyway, it’s interesting enough to keep up with while I’m on night shift and there’s a dearth of new TV.


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