Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on August 14, 2014

legendsLegends is the new TNT show with Sean Bean as an FBI undercover agent. It’s not very good at all.

They explain his English accent by saying he was a military brat whose father was stationed overseas, in a really clunky bit of exposition courtesy of Tina Majorino’s character. He adopts an American accent while undercover, though. With… marginal success.

A scene involves him undercover at a strip club while his asset is exposed, so his handler, Ali Larter, shows up as a stripper to give him a private dance to clue him in. Now, how the fuck does this work? Does she go to the owner, flash her badge, and say “FBI, I need to pretend to be a stripper here”? What if the owner is friends with the bad guys at the strip club with him? It’s obviously an excuse to show off Ali Larter’s body (which I’m not complaining about) and to force a pair of adversarial, opposite-gendered characters to create sexual tension. But it makes zero sense if you give it any thought.

I can see how it’s an interesting acting challenge for Sean Bean, because I gather he’ll have to create a new character for every episode. But aside from a decent cast, there’s not much to like. Cliched writing and a setup for a larger mystery that isn’t very interesting at all. So this will be a pass.

Oh, I also watched the pilot to Partners, the FX series about Kelsey Grammer and Martin Lawrence as lawyers. It’s lame and no one should watch it.


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