Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on August 2, 2014

gotgGuardians of the Galaxy is Marvel’s latest movie, based on a not-too-popular group of space-faring characters. I understand it’s doing great business, proving that they don’t need A-list heroes to do good business, which of course makes them especially cowardly for putting out 11 movies (with 4 more announced) and the main character in every single one is a white guy.

But it’s a good movie. Chris Pratt is great as Peter Quill, a good mix of a-hole and likable, I was impressed with Bradley Cooper’s voice work as Rocket, both Rocket and Groot were well-animated, Gamora (and Nebula) were hot and kicked some ass, Lee Pace was good as Ronan, and it was a nice surprise to see Peter Serafinowicz. Generally fun, good action, I didn’t really have any complaints.


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