Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on July 30, 2014

assaultonarkhamBatman: Assault on Arkham is DC’s latest direct-to-video animated movie. Batman is a minor character, though. This is without a doubt a Suicide Squad movie. His name in the title is just a marketing ploy.

It’s seemingly in continuity with the Task Force X episode of JLU, since Deadshot and Captain Boomerang reference having gone through the Suicide Squad bit before. Kevin Conroy, CCH Pounder, and some guy reprise their roles from JLU and other cartoons as Batman, Amanda Waller, and Captain Boomerang, respectively. Killer Frost is apparently the same voice actor (Jennifer Hale), but she sounded like she was doing a Lori Petty impression on JLU, but here it’s like… generic sexy bad girl voice. Maybe the other voice sounded a little too close to Harley? I dunno. Apparently they couldn’t get Michael Rosenbaum to do his Kevin Spacey impression for Deadshot, because they got Neal McDonough instead. He’s not terrible, but eh. King Shark, Harley Quinn, Black Spider, and KGBeast round out the squad.

Though it shares continuity with an all-ages TV series, this is not an all-ages movie. There’s a fair amount of sex (Harley apparently says “Yahtzee” when she climaxes, and there’s a scene that clearly implies a coroner is considering molesting a corpse), more blood than normal, and the Joker calls a group of people “bitches.”

It’s pretty ok though. A couple things I didn’t like, and I hated the Riddler’s voice, but it’s basically a string of action sequences, and they get to namedrop a lot of C-list Batman villains like Maxie Zeus.


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