Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on July 24, 2014

painandgainPain & Gain is that movie with Marky Mark, The Rock, and Anthony Mackie, which is surprisingly not that bad for a Michael Bay movie (there’s maybe one explosion in the whole thing), and a semi-entertaining dark comedy bumbling criminals movie, but when you read the true story the movie was based on, you wonder what how they hell they decided to make the main characters somewhat sympathetic.

The movie portrays Marky Mark’s character as a naive but somewhat well-intentioned idiot bodybuilder who takes bullshit motivational advice and The American Dream too literally, and then convinces his two similarly naive bodybuilder friends to embark on a scheme to rob a rich douchebag (Tony Shalhoub), which goes horribly wrong. The real story is about a larger group of sadists and psychopaths who terrorize a rich guy (who still might be a little bit of a douchebag, but not nearly as bad as in the movie, and not even close to the real life bodybuilders).


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