Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on July 18, 2014

satisfactionSatisfaction is USA’s other new show that premiered last night (why would USA and FX begin a combined four new shows on the same night?) and the least likely one for me to like, since I gathered from the commercials that it’s about a male prostitute. And it sorta is, but that was slightly misleading.

The beginning is a more cliched version of American Beauty. White wealthy married couple, disaffected teenage daughter, despite the nice job and house and family the guy is completely miserable and flips out, and quits his job. Meanwhile, the wife is miserable too, because her husband works all the time and doesn’t pay her enough attention.

Then the dude finds out his wife is banging a male prostitute, tries to fight the guy, ends up accidentally stealing his phone, and starts taking his clients (and extremely conveniently, they’re all new clients, no one is like “who the fuck are you? where’s my normal hooker?”). This is supposed to be some big life changing thing, because he learns to appreciate his wife and his kid more by going out and banging other guy’s miserable unappreciated wives.

I also didn’t like this, so 0 for 4 on last night’s new shows. And now I will once again complain that USA used to make fun and light shows, but now they’re trying to copy AMC and FX and Showtime and HBO by making edgy dark dramas, but theirs aren’t as good, so I just wish they’d go back to making stuff like Psych and Monk.


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