Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on July 14, 2014

strainThe Strain is FX’s new series, partly directed and co-written by Guillermo del Toro, based on his series of novels that I didn’t know existed. The pilot is really nice looking, as far as set design and cinematography and stuff go, which I guess goes along with being directed by del Toro. The story is… not too bad. I certainly liked it better than the True Blood pilot, but that’s not saying much.

The bald guy from L&O: LA and House of Cards plays a CDC investigator, except he has hair now. He always seems to play guys who are kinda dicks, but you don’t totally hate them? You don’t like them either. I dunno. He’s an interesting actor, I guess. Sydney’s hispanic sister from Alias is his partner. Sean Astin is their tech guy. They investigate an airplane that landed at JFK and then just stopped partway between the runway and the gate. Because, apparently, of a vampire on board, but obviously they don’t know that. Walder Frey from GoT plays the one non-evil guy who seems to know what’s going on, but he comes off as a crackpot so nobody pays attention to him.

I liked it enough to watch further, but not enough to get particularly excited about it.


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