Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on July 2, 2014

constantineConstantine‘s pilot also leaked online. Hopefully this is a return to the days when this sort of thing happened regularly, because it’s pretty nice.

The guy who plays Constantine is pretty good. He’s appropriately dickish. And not Keanu Reeves. Though I thought his name was supposed to be pronounced -tyne and not -teen. Lost people Jeremy Davies and Harold Perrinau appear as some occult researcher type and an angel, respectively.

I knew this was filmed in Atlanta, but I was surprised that it actually took place in Atlanta. That may just be the pilot, though. Lots of familiar locations, including some on campus.

It’s tough because I do like the character and the actor who plays him, but I’m not a horror fan. And there are lots of typical horror things in this. Possessed people and spooky voices and whatnot. But they do drop at least one comics easter egg in, and I guess I like the lead enough to put it on the list of shows to watch.


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