Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on June 30, 2014

leftoversThe Leftovers is HBO’s new drama that takes place three years after a mysterious event in which 2% of the world’s population disappeared instantly. It seems to have quickly dismissed the concern over what actually caused the disappearance (I wouldn’t be surprised, even if it goes on for multiple seasons, if there’s never a clear explanation), and is instead just about people dealing with loss. Which is going to make this show quite a downer.

It’s all very dark, there’s quite a bit of blood (some human, some animal), there’s an incredibly unsettling teenage sex party thing. In most cases we don’t really know the specifics of who each character is so distraught over losing, but everyone seems to have lost someone, and there’s a general tone of despair. But it’s also kind of interesting? Or at least, there are certain aspects that I really want to know where they’re going. So I guess I’ll be around for probably the whole first season, at least.

The cast is somewhat unusual. The writer of Iron Man 2 stars as the town sheriff, Amy Brenneman is in some kind of cult, Liv Tyler is someone mourning something, Mark’s one time boss from Peep Show is some kind of creepy leader of a second cult.


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