Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on June 26, 2014

flashThe pilot for CW’s Arrow spin-off The Flash leaked online. I do like being able to see this stuff early (especially since that means I can weed out some of the bad stuff prior to the very busy fall TV season), and it’s the kind of thing that might be spoiled if I didn’t watch it, so I checked it out.

It’s like a cross between Arrow and Smallville. Like how Smallville used the “meteor freak” angle to create a villian-of-the-week concept, it looks like the particle accelerator infused storm whose lightning bolt gives Barry his powers will give them to a bunch of others too. And like how Arrow is totally dumb but still weirdly likable. Also they randomly threw in a couple easter eggs.

The guy who plays Barry is fine, Iris is kinda cute, Danielle Panabaker is still very hot (though her character thus far is lame), Jesse L. Martin is good as Iris’s dad, the guy who played Ed on Ed is fine as some StarLabs dude, and the old TV Flash is fine as Barry’s dad. They use the Weather Wizard as the first villain, and drop a Grodd easter egg (which, I would love if they could figure out how to do Grodd and not make it corny, but how do yo not make it corny? I mean he is a talking gorilla no matter how you approach it, anything less than talking gorilla is not Grodd). There may have been others, but I don’t know the Flash well (Grodd, Boomerang, Captain Cold, Mirror Master, and Trickster, and that’s basically it).

Overall, it’s pretty good. It could use a script doctor to polish the dialogue and work out some of the kinks, but for the most part it’s quite good. Definitely will be watching this one.

I still hate that they’re going with the dumbass origin Geoff Johns retconned into the comics a few years ago (and discussing it contains pilot spoilers and probably spoilers for future episodes, so beware):

In a flashback to when Barry is a kid they have yellow and red blurs swirling around his mother while she’s murdered. So they are definitely going with the idiotic story of Reverse Flash going back in time to murder his mother when she was a kid. Which I hate for a ton of reasons. Not every damn superhero needs to be fueled by vengeance and angst, he can just be a guy trying to do what’s right. But nooo they have to make even the most lighthearted of superheroes grimdark now. Meh. Anyway, Ed’s character gets a spooky evil time travel-related tag on the end, which makes me assume he’s going to turn out to be Reverse Flash.

Also there’s an Arrow cameo, which is forced and weird and dumb, but in classic Arrow fashion, also kinda cool.


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