Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on June 26, 2014

tyrantTyrant is FX’s newest series with vary vague commercials showing a guy on a sand dune. It turns out to be about a guy who’s the son of the oppressive king/dictator/something of a middle eastern country, who went to the US and became a doctor instead of being in the ruling family business. He hasn’t been back in 20 years, but agrees to go back for his brother’s son’s wedding. Which, since it’s a series, obviously events are going to conspire to keep him there.

I recognize almost no one from the cast. His wife looks familiar, Justin Kirk from Weeds, and that’s it. Everyone’s fine though, but the show itself? Not good.

The main guy’s brother, next in line to be the oppressive ruler, is evil. To make extra sure that we don’t like him, they pour on the kind of overkill to make sure the audience hates him that I haven’t seen since the most recent Rambo movie (where scene after scene had some guy ordering the deaths of dozens, but just in case the audience still likes him, they have him molest a little kid). He tortures a guy, he rapes a woman while her family sits in the next room able to hear it, he at least sexually assaults but probably rapes his son’s bride to be, he rapes someone else (maybe that first woman again? I’m not sure). It’s ridiculous. Despite all that assault, the pace was very slow.

They actually had a couple semi-interesting plot twists towards the end, but I had already checked out by then. It was just an unpleasant viewing experience.


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