Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on June 20, 2014

dominionDominion is the new SyFy series based on the movie I didn’t see about angels or something. The guy from Kings (the bland protagonist, not Ian McShane or Bucky) is some guy in Vega, the formerly Las Vegas city that is one of humanity’s holdouts against evil angels. Michael, the one good guy angel, doesn’t seem like a very good guy (also his first scene we’re supposed to believe he banged a bunch of women but he seems really, really gay). Anthony Head (doing an American accent, so like what’s the point of hiring him?) and Penny’s father from Lost are mysterious powerful people of some sort. Roxanne McKee, the hot girl who taught Daenerys how to enjoy lesbian sex or whatever early on in Game of Thrones, is the daughter of Penny’s dad and the guy from Kings wants to marry her. There’s some stuff about a chosen one who will lead humanity to victory over the angels or whatever, and it’s supposed to be this big mystery, but it (spoiler alert) turns out to be the white guy protagonist. Which is an original twist because that never ever happens.


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