Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on June 10, 2014

murderinthefirstMurder in the First is TNT’s new cop drama they’re showing after Major Crimes this summer. Unrelated to the Kevin Bacon movie. It looked pretty boring, but Kathleen Robertson was hot on Boss so I thought I’d give it a shot. She doesn’t wear glasses in this, so instant loss of hotness points.

It’s a by-the-book procedural. She’s dealing with a recent divorce and a kid, and he (Taye Diggs) has a wife dying of cancer. We get those bits of personal detail before they’re called to a crime scene. Esai Morales is the Lieutenant type who they exchange expositional dialogue with and update latecomers on what’s happened so far. The only deviation from the norm is that it appears that it’s going to be one case for the season.

Nothing about this grabbed me at all, and I already watch too many procedurals (I keep thinking I should quit watching some, especially Bones), so I won’t be following this one.


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