Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on May 23, 2014

gangrelatedGang Related is Fox’s new show that I just knew was about cops and gangs and Terry O’Quinn. It turns out to be kind of a Fast and the Furious but as a gritty cop drama. The main character is a plant in the LAPD, who grew up close to a gang kingpin guy. The Fast and the Furious part comes from the poorly acted heavy melodrama, the diverse cast of dudes of every race (and also a couple of hot girls), and a chase scene at the beginning. There’s a heated exchange between Terry O’Quinn and the DA chick that ends with her being like “[some sort of harsh last words], Dad” to dramatically reveal that she’s his daughter, which seems to be typical of the level of writing of the show. So I wont be watching this.


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