Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on May 22, 2014

hugoHugo had been on my netflix streaming queue for a while, and it was about to go away (which is when you truly find out if you want to see something), so I watched it. I had heard it was some sort of Scorsese love letter to silent film type thing, but from the trailers it looked like a vaguely steampunkish kids fantasy-ish movie, and I just assumed it would have lots of silent film homage that I wouldn’t get. But instead, it’s a vaguely steampunkish build-up to a plot twist that one of the characters is a real life silent filmmaker with whom I was vaguely familiar. And then the latter half is all about how great he is. Which is kind of dumb? It’s also sort of about this orphan kid finding a new family (possibly with a sister he wants to bang? but he’s too young for that to be clear).

I read the wikipedia article to find out what parts were made up, and the parts where they discuss the warm critical reception but box office failure is kind of hilarious. Who would have thought a movie about a largely forgotten but historically significant silent film director would appeal to movie critics and not the general public?


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