Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on May 20, 2014

halt-and-catch-fireHalt and Catch Fire is AMC’s upcoming 1980s computing series. It wasn’t clear from the commercials, but (without spoiling anything) the basics of the story should be pretty familiar to anyone who knows about PCs in that time period. They put the first episode up on their tumblr. I had to disable adblock to get it to work, and the video player kinda sucks, but the show itself is pretty interesting.

Lee Pace stars as the salesman/visionary dude. Some guy who was apparently in Argo but I don’t totally recognize is the hardcore nerd. MacKenzie Davis is the short haired blonde in the commercials where it was hard to tell what gender she was (but she and the character are both ladies), and she’s also a hardcore nerd. And the girl from the last season of Scrubs is the nerd guy’s wife. Also Toby Huss (the voice of Cotton Hill and Khan from King of the Hill, among many other things) is Lee Pace’s boss. So a pretty decent cast.


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