Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on May 17, 2014

machetekillsMachete Kills is pretty dumb. I remember enjoying the first one quite a bit, but this one was just… I guess evidence that you can only get so much mileage out of turning a joke trailer into a feature film. The one amusing joke they had was El Cameleon, an assassin who pulls off a mask, Mission Impossible-style, to reveal another face beneath, so tat no one ever knows his true face. And they got Walton Goggins, Lady Gaga, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Antonio Banderas to play the various faces. But side from that, it’s a series of gags that don’t work and a series of action scenes that are trying to be amusingly over-the-top but pretty much fail. Sofia Vergara has guns that shoot out of her boobs. Hilarious. People made a big deal about that one girl from Spy Kids being all sexy in this, but she’s barely in the movie.


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