Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on April 26, 2014

blackboxBlack Box is a medical procedural about people with unusual brains. Also it tries to cram as much sex as possible in there, because I don’t think brain disorders are particularly exciting to a mass audience. The protagonist, as played by Kelly Reilly with a weird American accent, is bipolar and likes to go off her meds, and one of her symptoms is being “hypersexual.” She bangs two dudes who aren’t her boyfriend, also bangs her boyfriend, and one of those two dudes bangs a random nurse. Also they make a point of telling us that that dude has a large penis. Because that scene didn’t have any sex in it and they didn’t want us to get bored.

I don’t think ABC would have premiered this show in late April if they actually thought it was any good, so I’m not surprised that I don’t like it.


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