Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on April 19, 2014

son-of-batmanSon of Batman (“Son of the Batman” would have been a much cooler sounding title) is the latest DC direct-to-disc animated movie, this one a loose adaptation of Grant Morrison’s Batman and Son arc in the comics.

For some reason they frame this around Deathstroke killing Ra’s al Ghul (who they’ve decided is Deathstroke’s former mentor or something?). Deathstroke is voiced by Greg from Dharma and Greg, which is weird as hell, but he’s actually not bad. They have Ubu betray Ra’s, which I don’t think ever happened in the comics.

Talia is disappointingly voiced by Morena Baccarin, who can’t really sell the femme fatale aspect of the character, and her calling Batman “Beloved” just sounds silly. A middle eastern accent of some sort would have made all her lines work perfectly. Still, she gets a couple nice moments, including operating a hand-cranked arrow-firing gatling gun.

They continue doing the thing where they pronounce Ra’s al Ghul’s name “raysh” instead of “raz,” which bugs me.

Two spoiler things, one of which is at the very end:

They bring back the terrible idea of Morrison’s that Talia drugged Bruce to get him to sleep with her, thus making Damian the product of rape. And they have Batman be basically ok with it. The dialogue is something along the lines of “well I’m not going to let you pour me a drink, but it wasn’t all bad.” Which is kinda fucked up.

The big thematic thing was whether Damian would be Batman’s son or Talia’s, and he makes his choice when defeating Deathstroke. He chooses to be his father’s son and doesn’t kill Deathstroke. Big win for team Batman. Then Damian immediately runs away from the quickly sinking undersea base, leaving Deathstroke to drown. So his big “I’m not going to kill you” moral stance is immediately followed by him leaving the guy for dead.


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