Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on April 8, 2014

turnTURN is AMC’s new American Revolution drama about the Culper Ring. It stars the kid who played Billy Elliot, Robert the Bruce, this That Guy, this That Guy, the not-Charlie-Day scientist from Pacific Rim, and a lot of people I don’t recognize.

It’s hard to tell at first who is American and who is British, since only some Americans have American accents. There’s a whole group of soldiers in no uniform that I’d assumed were American until they started killing soldiers in blue coats. But I guess it is supposed to be a spy story so having trouble knowing who’s on what side is do be expected.

I’m curious about how they will handle slavery going forward. The main character, a “good guy”, owns slaves. And they didn’t shy away from showing them on occasion. This goes awry quite a big in movies and TV, by showing the hero be “good” to his slaves, as if that makes it ok. And as if the problem with slavery is that some slave owners are assholes, and not the very concept of owning a person.

But I’m not curious enough to keep watching. The pilot ran 90 minutes (with commercials) and it didn’t exactly fly by. The most interesting part of the Culper Ring to me would be Agent 355, but I’m sure that won’t come up until much later. And as far as I know, we still know nothing about the real life 355 at all, what she did or what her name was. So there’s no sense watching a show I find kind of boring to wait around for that.


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