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Posted in movies by Bill on April 6, 2014

cap2Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a big step up from the first one, and my initial reaction is that competition for the first Iron Man as the best Marvel Studios movie.

It’s quite a different tone from the other movies, though. Much less comedic, much heavier on the action. There weren’t a lot of laughs at all, but a lot of drama, chases, sneaking around, and it generally seemed like a 70s spy movie, but with superheroes and a giant budget.


  • I managed to go into this knowing only the following things: Captain America, Winter Soldier, Black Widow, Falcon, Fury, Batroc, Agent 13, Robert Redford (no idea who he was playing) and Garry Shandling’s senator guy (I looked him up on imdb) were in it, Nick Fury was in a car chase, Winter Soldier wore lots of eye makeup. And literally nothing else, which I was pretty pleased with. Not seeing many movies in theaters helped, since TV commercials are easier to avoid than trailers.
  • Falcon was pretty great. Like much cooler than I’d imagined he could possibly be. I’ve never been that interested in him in the comics or the Avengers Assemble cartoon, but his jetpack-and-wings combo made for some exciting flying scenes, and Anthony Mackie is charismatic as hell.
  • Also pleased with Black Widow and Maria Hill. I still don’t completely like Scarlett Johansson in that role, she seems to only do “blank expression” and “smirk,” but it was better this time around. And the bits of truth and lies (she was born in 1984 but used to work for the KGB?) make me really want a movie to get in to her backstory. And really, really want her to be like 70 years old. Like give me a Black Widow movie with Winter Soldier set in the late 70s or early 80s where they work together, uncover something horrible about the Soviets being in league with Hydra, she decides to defect but he won’t come with her, and that’s actually how she got that scar and not the bullshit story she told Steve.
  • Also pretty pleased with Batroc. I don’t totally get why they made him Algerian, because the actor looks white. But while I might have preferred a cartoonish French stereotype where he bounces around going “ohohoho [or however you write that French guy laugh phonetically], I am Batroc zee Lee-pair!” for its ridiculousness, they managed to have him do a kind of jump-heavy martial arts kinda thing.
  • There’s something about both the S.H.I.E.L.D./Hydra thing and the Winter Soldier thing that disappoints me. In the comics, both these things had literally decades of history to make it a Big Deal. In the movies, Hydra is nothing and S.H.I.E.L.D. is really only just being established in the show, so this big reveal doesn’t seem as well earned. And Bucky was dead for like an hour of Cap screen time instead of the 50 years or whatever in the comics.
  • They dodged the creepy parts of Sharon Carter as a love interest by not mentioning her last name or connections to Peggy at all. But they really have to bring her back and do something with her, because as it is, kind of a waste of a character who’s pretty great.
  • I’d swear I read somewhere that Hayley Atwell said she wasn’t in this at all, but she totally was.
  • The namedrop of Stephen Strange was kinda cool. And people have already got screenshots of the kill list that popped up. No idea who Michael Lindon and Marcus Bledsoe are.
  • I like Danny Pudi and all, and I know the Russos worked on Community, but even with the Top Gun reference, I didn’t like that cameo. It just felt like “hey look, Abed!”
  • I find it hilarious that the movies are continuing the comics tradition of helicarriers crashing all the time.
  • I was expecting a bigger laugh from the crowd over Nick Fury’s tombstone bible passage, but I guess a lot of people missed that. Though I missed Brubaker’s cameo, so I shouldn’t talk.
  • The Baron von Strucker post-credits scene was kinda weak. I just don’t care that much about Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch if they’re not mutants, not Russian, not Magneto’s kids, etc. And they really made Wanda seem like River Tam, which would be super disappointing if Whedon wants to recycle that trope.
  • I wanted the same little kid to spot Bucky in the post-post-credits scene.
  • The lack of resolution on that Bucky thing makes me wonder if Cap will “die” in Avengers 2 or Cap 3, and we get a BuckyCap movie (which they were definitely having some fun with when Bucky caught his shield).

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