Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on March 28, 2014

surviving-jackSurviving Jack is that new show with Stabler from SVU as the asshole dad, which I am only trying out because they haven’t posted last night’s Colbert Report online promptly. I quickly saw the name of the guy who wrote Shit My Dad Says (no idea why I knew his name), so I quickly became confident that it would be no good. Which appears to be an accurate assessment. The son is in the “woe is me” teen years but there is no way to sympathize with him at all. His parents love him, they are happily married, father’s a doctor so no money problems, he’s a star athlete, the hot girl at school he likes skips past hinting and invites him to her bedroom while her parents are out of town. This is ideal teen years, really.

The actress who plays his sister is kinda cute but that’s all I can really say positive about it. I do wonder if the existence of this show is why spoiler happened on spoiler to even mention the title, probably, since it was just last night, though.


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