Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on March 20, 2014

100The 100 is another CW drama that puts a bunch of good looking young people into scifi situations. In this case, a nuclear apocalypse rendered the earth inhabitable, so the survivors of humanity fled to space stations to wait out the radioactivity. Skip ahead a few generations, and they come up with the ridiculous idea of sending a ship full of teenage criminals to be the first people back on the ground.

Among the adults on the space station, there are tons of recognizable actors. From the commercials, I only noticed Isiah Washington and Desmond from Lost, but it also features Kelly Hu, Gaeta from BSG, Paige Turco, a That Guy Asian guy from all sorts of stuff, and probably will have tons of familiar Vancouver actors going forward. I don’t recognize any of the younger actors on Earth, but Marie Avgeropolis is really hot (pictured, even though she’s not the main character, because… yeah). And one of the big action pieces of the pilot involves her in her underwear and soaking wet. Of which I approve.

A lot of the plot twists are predictable, it’s a hodgepodge of SF tropes really (with it’s looking like some Lord of the Flies thrown in), but whatever I’ll give it another episode or two. I like science fiction and I like hot brunettes, maybe it’ll improve or something.


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